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The founder of Evolution Healthcare Consulting, Susan Childs has 30+ years of experience directly in healthcare and a Board-Certified Fellow. Her established professionalism with trusted and proven approaches help practices establish conscious processes and experiences that encourage and promote self-awareness, creating high performance teams.

Her experiences include: operations, personnel, collections, communication, customer service, revenue cycle, and practice set-up.

Susan is an author of an upcoming series titled "Leadership and Uncommon Sense".

She is a recognized national presenter for organizers such as MGMA, ASCENT, AAP, ACC, and . She also served as the ACMPE Advancement Chair with MGMA.

Every project builds compassion while ensuring the impactful value of each staff member.

Susan concentrates on communication to ensure workflows supporting personalized initiatives with a trusted and committed rapport with clients.


Consulting Services Tailored
• Launching Practices - We can help every step of the way.

• Workflow Assessment – Define individual responsibility and improve workflow with an action plan to review with leaders and continued progress.

• Administrative Recruiting and Hiring – Complete recruitment and hiring .

• Internal Financial Controls – Financial checks and balances reviewed.

• Collections Training –We work directly with staff regarding most impactful ways to request payment using emotional intelligence and other vital, empathetic skills.

• Revenue Cycle Review –Evaluate all levels of financial reconciliation.

• Ghost Patient Review And Training – Perception is reality! Observation of your staff in a ghost patient setting and training based on your specific practice

• Customer Service and Emotional Intelligence Group Trainings –EI is the most direct way to communicate empathetically. We relay situations to learn and grow from interactions.
These include team scenarios and individual exercises. Each session based on your practices specific focus. Other requests: staff training, physicians and administration communication to team building.
* Susan engages with each staff member to display initiative, working with the practice’s mission, goals and presence within the community.

By offering expertise, professionalism and real world tips, practices work as a team enhancing the patient experience to its fullest potential, maximizing revenue cycle and operations.

Susan Childs engages with each staff member to display initiative, working with the practice’s mission and goals within the community.

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Sevocity is a combination of two words: seven, which signifies good luck or prosperity and velocity, which means speed or journey. Together, they create prosperous journey. Our mission is to facilitate a prosperous journey for our customers.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Sevocity is a division of Conceptual Mindworks, Inc. (CMI). CMI specializes in providing exceptional biotechnology and medical informatics services and solutions. CMI is a recognized leader developing healthcare technology and has supported Department of Defense initiatives since 1990.



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