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We Come with a Billing Supervisor (so you don't have to)

I’ve owned The Billing Department, Inc. for just over 20 years. That feels like a long time to me! It amazes me how much my company has grown and changed over the years. Just when I think I've got it all figured out - bam! Change. But I have found, change often means improvement. Eventually.

We’ve made so many changes, throughout the years, to improve the medical billing services we provide to our healthcare clients.

One crucial change we've made is how we structure the responsibilities of all staff members, including myself.

All of our clients have one or two dedicated billers. But, they also get a billing supervisor. The billing supervisor is me, the owner. What is my most important job as a medical billing company owner?

  • To keep our clients happy with our services. How do I do that? I make sure the billers are doing their very best billing job.

Doctor's don't have time to supervise their billing!

Doctors Don't Have Time to Supervise Their Billers!

So many practices hire billing companies and have no idea how to manage the billing company. They hire additional staff, or add hours to existing staff, to supervise us. Often, they don’t have time, and the billing company is left to work unchecked.

This isn’t good for the healthcare provider or us. What we do is give you the information you need to audit us. I know, I know, sounds like we will only give you what we want you to see. Nope, we give you all of the reports needed to truly audit what we do, with the ability to balance out all of your charges, payments and adjustments, at month-end. This way, every dollar you have billed is accounted for.

When choosing The Billing Department, Inc. to manage your medical billing, you get a biller and a billing supervisor!

What does it mean to have a billing supervisor?

Watch for upcoming blogs for more details!

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