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Fawn Dunphy, DC

Chiropractic Healing Arts
South Portland, Maine

The Billing Department took over our account from another billing service. We have seen an increase in collections and at the same time simplified our billing process. We have a consistent cash flow and a very low accounts receivable.

Darcy Wallace Libby, SLP
Owner of Pandora Talks!

Woolwich, Maine

I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Billing Department for over a decade.  Many things in the billing world have changed in those 10 years and with the help of Vanessa and her team, I have been ready for the changes.  Their knowledge and understanding of insurance billing seems almost insurmountable, which is very comforting to someone without any billing experience.  I am always impressed with how quickly my questions are answered and how responsive and professional they are with me and my staff and also with my clients.  The Billing Department has continually filed my claims in a timely manner which has resulted in steady cash flow…a must for any small business.  In addition, Vanessa has helped my company adopt a new practice management software system which has helped streamline our intake of insurance information and allowed us quick and easy access to all of our billing records.  In closing, I would recommend The Billing Department, without exception, to any person or any company looking for a solution to their insurance billing nightmare!

Linda D. Horn, APRN
Lewiston, Maine

The Billing Department has been doing my billing for over 15 years. They have always provided an excellent and reliable service. They have simplified my billing. They are also extremely experienced and wonderful people to work with.

Hannah Curtis, LCSW 
New Approaches 
Portland, Maine

The Billing Department is easy to work with and very responsive to any questions or issues that I have. I don’t have to be concerned with collecting money and I can just focus on my clients.

Jessica Peck-Lindsay, LAc.

Pecks Family Acupuncture

Waterboro, Maine

The Billing Department is fully responsible for taking my small business of one person and allowing me to turn it into a Healing Center. I have had to move my office to a larger space in order to accommodate the amount of growth my business has experienced in the year and a half that I have been a client. Because of The Billing Department, I no longer worry about insurance billing. Period! I have also found the folks at The Billing Department to be very responsive and great at making me feel like I am their only client. I say a silent "Thanks" to The Billing Department almost daily when I realize the amount of work they do for my business. Thank you, Billing Department!

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