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Medical Billing Services in Maine

Medical Billing Services in Maine.

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Nurse - Medical BIlling Services in Maine

 Why We are the Best Medical Billing Service Provider in Maine

Accuracy: A top-notch medical billing service should be accurate in submitting claims and ensuring that all codes are correctly assigned, which minimizes denials and rejections.


Timeliness: Billing needs to be submitted in a timely manner to avoid delays in payment, which can be detrimental to the financial health of a healthcare organization.


Compliance: Healthcare billing is heavily regulated, so the best billing services are knowledgeable about and adhere to all regulatory requirements.


Customer Service: Good customer service is crucial in any industry, but especially in healthcare, where patient care is the priority. Billing service providers should be responsive, courteous, and helpful in dealing with patients and healthcare providers.


Transparency: Medical billing can be complex, so transparency is important to ensure that healthcare providers understand what is being charged, and patients understand what they are being billed for.


Competitive Pricing: Medical billing services need to be cost-effective, providing competitive pricing to ensure clients receive value for their money. 

"Overall, our medical billing service that excels in these areas and provides a comprehensive approach to medical billing is likely to be considered "the best" in the industry."

Tired of spending hours each day on the phone with patients and insurance companies? 

Medical billing services are vital to ensuring the healthcare process is not hindered by reimbursement issues. However, their remuneration should never come at the expense of patient care or staff fatigue.

Staff - Medical BIlling Services in Maine

Proven Medical Billing Service Track Record

Medical Billing Services

The Billing Department is here to help your medical practice maximize its reimbursement potential! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff specializes in practice management billing strategies, providing developing Maine-based practices with the tools they need for success. Let us take care of understanding the complexities of modern medicine's insurance systems so that you're able to focus on what matters most: quality patient care.


We'll work directly with your staff to ensure that every patient is billed correctly, while also following up with insurance companies for payment. Our team has a proven track record in medical billing and collections, which means we know exactly how to get you paid faster by reducing denials, increasing cash flow, and improving collection rates.

Our Medical Billing Services.

We have over 25 years of combined experience helping medical practices get paid quickly and accurately.

We create systems that allow us to do it right the first time.

Our medical practice management consultants help you with the complex tasks of practice management

We can help you chose a new software that best fits your unique practice

We provide credentialing services, knowing every day counts when a provider is waiting to bill an insurance plan for services

Why Us.

With a decade of experience in medical billing, our team is uniquely qualified to help you manage payments swiftly and accurately. We'll take care of the back-end logistics so that you can concentrate on providing superior patient care.

About Us.

The Billing Department offers Practice Management Medical Billing and Consulting Services in Maine. We are a full-service medical billing company that specializes in working with therapists, mental health providers, behavioral health providers, chiropractors, and other medical professionals. We understand the unique challenges that come with running a medical practice, and we are here to help you overcome them.

We offer a wide range of services, including medical billing, revenue cycle management, and practice consulting. We are here to help you maximize your revenues and streamline your operations. We have a team of experienced professionals in Maine who provide the best possible service to our clients.
If you are looking for a medical billing company that can help you achieve your operational goals, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss our services with you and answer any questions you may have.

  • What exactly is medical billing?
    Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies or government healthcare programs in order to receive payment for medical services rendered by healthcare providers such as physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. The medical billing process typically involves gathering and verifying patient information, verifying insurance coverage and eligibility, submitting claims to insurance companies or government healthcare programs, and following up on claims to ensure timely payment. Medical billing professionals are responsible for ensuring that claims are accurately coded and billed, and that all relevant information is provided to the insurance companies or government healthcare programs. Medical billing is an important aspect of the healthcare industry, as it helps to ensure that healthcare providers are properly reimbursed for the services they provide, and that patients are not responsible for paying more than their insurance coverage allows. It can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why many healthcare providers outsource their medical billing to specialized companies or hire dedicated medical billing professionals to handle this task.
  • What is the medical billing process?
    The medical billing process is a series of steps that billers follow to submit claims to insurance companies or government healthcare programs for the medical services they have provided. The process typically involves the following steps: 1. Patient registration and insurance verification: This involves gathering and verifying patient demographic and insurance information, including their name, address, date of birth, insurance ID number, and policy details. 2. Medical coding: Providers use standardized codes (CPT and ICD-10) to describe the medical services provided to the patient. These codes are used to generate a claim that is submitted to the insurance company or government healthcare program. 3. Claim submission: Once the medical coding is complete, claims are submitted the insurance company or government healthcare program. The claim includes the patient and insurance information, the medical codes, and a description of the medical services provided. 4. Claim processing: The insurance company or government healthcare program reviews the claim to determine if it is a covered service, if the patient is eligible for benefits, and if the medical codes used are appropriate. If the claim is approved, payment is made to the healthcare provider. 5. Payment posting and reconciliation: Once payment is received, the medical billing company posts the payment to the patient's account, and reconciles the payment with the original claim. Any discrepancies or denials are investigated and resolved. 6. Patient billing: If the patient is responsible for any portion of the cost of the medical services, the medical billing company bills the patient for their portion of the payment. The patient is then responsible for paying the balance of the bill. The medical billing process can be complex and time-consuming, and may require specialized knowledge and skills. Many healthcare providers outsource their medical billing to specialized companies such as The Billing Department, Inc to handle this task.
  • What makes The Billing Department, Inc. different from other billing companies?
    Many billing companies only submit claims. Some of the largest billing companies in the US only send out claims and do not do any follow up or denial management. We are different. We know most of the work involved with billing comes from claims resolution and denial management. We spend the bulk of our time making sure the claims we submit to payers are paid.
  • What other services related to billing does The Billing Department, Inc. provide?
    We provide complete Revenue Cycle Management. When we take on a new client, the first thing we do is evaluate their accounts receivable. We work with the client to improve the billing process and make the process is as efficient as possible. We utilize technology to improve the time and energy that providers and their staff spend on billing. Once we implement updates to the billing process, we evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions or changes that were made to the billing process. Billing requires constant monitoring and process improvement. We never stop evaluating and updating the billing process.
  • How do I know my claims will be paid?
    We never expect our providers to trust that claims are paid, we want to prove to our clients claims are paid. We create systems that allow providers to easily evaluate the health of their accounts receivable and invite open communication and feedback from our clients.
  • Do you collect money from our patients?
    Yes, we collect from both insurance companies and your patients. Collecting from patients can be just as challenging as collecting from insurance companies. If providers do not have solid, clear collection policies with their patients, money can be lost. We strongly recommend implementing Credit Card on File Programs and we help our clients set up these programs with updated Financial Policies and procedures for this.
  • Why do I need to sign a contract?
    Billing takes time and it takes time to get your billing going and for the process to run smoothly. Depending on the provider and the amount of process improvements required, some providers may not be through the implementation period for up to 6 months, sometimes more. Changing your medical billing provider is a big deal! And it takes time. We take the time with our clients to ensure their billing process is improved and running optimally.
  • Can we use our existing software?
    Yes! If you like your current software, we can use that to manage your medical billing.
  • What if we do not want to use an Electronic Health Records (EHR) program?
    You don't have to. We can work with providers to set-up efficient paper systems.
  • How long does it take to start billing?
    The set-up process is fairly quick. We can usually start billing within 2 weeks of bringing on a new client.
  • What if I'm not sure I need to make a change?
    We can help you decide. We can set-up a meeting to look at your exisitng accounts, together. We can help you better understand the current finanicial health of your practice.
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