Practice Management Consulting & Other Services

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Complete Revenue Cycle Management

Workflow improvements are the key to performing your billing timely and efficiently.  We create systems that allow us to do it right the first time.  We'll even train your staff for you.  We work as a team to get the billing done right, so you can focus on your patients, not their billing!

Practice Management Consulting

Medical billing continues to become more complex.  Let our medical practice management consultants help you with the complex tasks of practice management.

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There are numerous software options.  We can use what you already know and love, or we can help you chose a new software that best fits your unique practice.  


Credentialing has become more complicated than ever before. We will take great care in providing credentialing services because we know every day counts when a provider is waiting to bill an insurance plan for services.

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We offer services to suit the needs of your practice.  All services are customizable


Each practice has unique needs.  We are able to customize our services to suit your needs.  

Frequently asked questions

Can we use our existing software?

Yes! If you like your current software, we can use that to manage your medical billing.

What if we do not want to use an Electronic Health Records (EHR) program?

You don't have to. We can work with providers to set-up efficient paper systems.

How long does it take to start billing?

The set-up process is fairly quick. We can usually start billing within 2 weeks of bringing on a new client.

What if I'm not sure I need to make a change?

We can help you decide. We can set-up a meeting to look at your exisitng accounts, together. We can help you better understand the current finanicial health of your practice.