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Medical Practice Management Software Reviews!

Good software is key to efficiently and effectively managing our clients medical billing. Finding a good medical billing software can be an exhausting and daunting task. Being the owner of a medical billing and revenue cycle management company, I'm contacted often by medical software sales reps. I try very hard to take the time to talk with them, and look at the software. So often learn something new when talking to a software sales rep. I also appreciate their interest in my company. They are just as interested to learn about what we are seeing on our end of the medical billing process. Practice Suite contacted me and asked me to answer some questions about myself and my company. You can see the interview here.

I started thinking about all of the medical practice management and electronic health records software demonstrations I've done, and had a great idea. We're going to start sharing information on the demonstrations we do, and provide some comparisons and feedback.

Stay tuned!

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