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United Healthcare Link Self-Service Update

United Health-care's online self service tool Link has recently gone through some updates and have new features!

New features in this service include:

  • ClaimsLink attachment size being increased to up to 36MB! Better news they are continually working on increasing this size year to year.

Single EOB Search is now an app. on the Link dashboard.

  • To add this new feature to your dashboard simply sign into Link and open UnitedHealthcare Online application. Then go to claims and payments> Electronic Payments and Statements (ESP) and Single EOB and then click on “Go to single Explanation of Benefits (EOB)”.This will open the application and add it to your dashboard.

OptumRX Prior Authorization & Status has been removed from UnitedHealthcare Online.

It's been by a new application called PreCheck MyScript, which should be on the dashboard, if not simply search for it in the marketplace and select Register Now.

  • Benefits of this new application:

  • Designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow

  • Saves you time, it reduces the need to fax or call for prescription coverage information.

  • Will increase the satisfaction for patients by showing medication cost and suggesting lower-cost alternatives if available.

  • Decreases frustration/delays at the pharmacy in the cases when prior authorization is needed or a medication is not covered.

Important Reminder:

An Optum ID is required to access Link and perform online transactions, such as eligibility verification, claims status, claims reconsideration, referrals, prior authorizations and more.

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