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5 Mistakes Doctors Make With Medical Billing

Medical treatment has multiple moving parts, all of which need to be done to a high standard. One of the more notable, non-healthcare parts is the billing process. That can often be seen as complicated, which has led to countless medical billing mistakes being made every year. Many of these are quite common.

Top Medical Billing Mistakes Hospitals Make

While there are multiple medical billing mistakes that can come up, some are more common than others. The key to reducing and eliminating these is to be as informed as possible.

Some of the most notable of these are:

  1. Code Mismatch: This mistake happens when updating a diagnosis code but forgetting to update the relevant treatment one. Accounting for this when updating anything is recommended.

  2. Not Verifying Insurance: Medical treatment can be complicated and multiple steps are needed. Verifying insurance is a part of this, although it can often be skipped. Ensuring you follow appropriate steps is vital.

  3. Unbundling Services: When tests and services are done at the same time, they’re often coded individually. You shouldn’t do this, as they should all fall under the one.

  4. Duplicate Billing: As a medical billing mistake, this is one of the more common; it’s when a patient is billed twice for the one service. Avoid this by staying on top of documentation.

  5. Incorrect Information: Human error is common, especially when entering information. Typos and mistakes in patient information are notable here. Double checking everything will avoid this.

Once you know about them, you’ll be much better prepared to avoid them.

Wrapping Up

Medical billing mistakes can be a daily occurrence, although they need to be avoided as much as possible. Being as informed as possible is a recommended way of doing so. The easiest way of avoiding them is working with a medical billing specialist. There shouldn’t be any leeway for mistakes in the medical industry, so why not avoid them?

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