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Get Paid For Every Visit With These Four Strategies

Helping physicians and their medical practice get paid on time and the right amount for their patient work can be challenging. Start with these four tips to help you get paid for every visit.

Create a payment plan

Creating a simple and easy-to-follow payment plan with your patients is one way to ensure payments for services. Automating the process by collecting credit card or bank details will also help streamline the process.

Offer upfront payment discounts

Offering your patients discounts if they pay upfront is an incentive that may end up paying for itself in the long run if it eliminates the need to send invoices and do follow-up collections.

Set up in-room payment

Setting up in-room payment options is another angle to consider. This feature would allow patients privacy to work out the payment options without the waiting room audience and could create a less stressful checkout process in the comfort of their treatment room.

Outsource medical billing

Lastly, outsourcing invoicing can significantly increase your chance of getting paid for every visit. A dedicated team will ensure to work until they attain the required payment. They typically have much higher success rates of collecting payment, as well, and it’s a lot less stressful for you.

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