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Missed Encounters = Lost Revenue

Are you running Missed Encounters Reports for your practice?

There are so many parts of the medical billing process. Providers often forget one of the most important parts of the medical billing workflow.

Missed Encounters Report

The Missed Encounters Report tells provider and staff if there are patient appointments on the schedule (appointments that were not marked as no show or cancelled) that do not have an encounter associated with it. This report does exactly what it sounds like: it tells you if you have missed encounters that need to be found and billed!

How Important is a Missed Encounters Report

Every healthcare provider practice should have a policy and workflow in place to be running Missed Encounters Reports daily, weekly or monthly. Whenever we bring on a new client, one of the first places we look for missing money is the Missed Encounters Report. We almost always find there are encounters that have been missed.

If you're unsure how to add this important aspect of medical billing to your staffs workflow, contact us for help!

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