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To Benefit Check or Not To Benefit Check

I was perusing Instagram recently and came across a post by Dental Billing Pros about benefit checks. You can see their post here.

The post was about performing benefit checks for patients and stood out to me. This is a common area of concern for many providers. Many healthcare providers still require their staff to perform insurance verification and benefit checks for all patients scheduled to be treated. This was something that was more common years ago, but continues to be done today. And while many of our new clients request this service, we believe it is important to give the patients the responsibility of checking their own benefits. Many providers feel very strongly otherwise, but give me a little time to explain why we’ve come to this conclusion.

Payers Give Wrong Information

Can you imagine? An insurance company giving out wrong information? Yes, it happens all the time and anyone who deals with a payer on a regular basis knows this all too well. It is a problem, but it becomes an even bigger problem when this wrong information is communicated to the patient. We’ve seen time and time again, patients holding providers responsible (financially) for inaccurate information provided to them by the provider.

Patients Forget The Insurance Company Is Responsible

Once the provider steps in between the relationship between patient and payer, the provider is often seen as the wrongdoer. But, if the provider can start the relationship as a support, blame is placed less on the provider. Patients should clearly understand that the payers are making payment decisions, not the provider or providers coders.

Hold Patients Accountable

Patients should be encouraged to understand their own benefits. Providers have said to us they worry the patient will not schedule or will cancel their appointment. But isn’t that better than seeing them and not being paid for that work you’ve provided?

New Solutions To An Old Problem

Maybe you don’t know exactly how the claims will process, or just how much the patient will owe. You’re concerned you will not be able to collect money from your patient. This is a valid, real concern. Patients are responsible for more of the share of their healthcare costs than ever before. This is a perfect opportunity to set up a Credit Card on File Program. This is the number one way we’ve been able to help providers improve their cash flow and Patient Accounts Receivable.

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