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Top 3 Tips to Avoid Telehealth Denials

Healthcare providers are increasingly utilizing telehealth technologies to provide care for their patients. This is a great way to improve access to care for patients who live in rural areas or who have difficulty getting to appointments.

However, there are some risks associated with providing telehealth services, including the risk of denials from payers. In this article, we will discuss three tips to avoid telehealth denials and ensure that you get paid for the services you provide.

1. Keep a Close Eye on Place of Service (POS) Codes and Modifiers

One of the most common reasons for denials is incorrect POS codes. When billing for telehealth services, you must use the correct POS code for the location where the patient is located.

If the patient is in their home, you should use the POS code for a home visit. If the patient is in a nursing home or other long-term care facility, you should use the POS code for that facility.

In addition to using the correct POS code, you must also append appropriate modifiers to indicate that the service was provided via telehealth. The most common modifier used for this purpose is "GT."

2. Make Sure You're Billing for "Telehealth Covered" Services

Not all services are covered by telehealth. In order to get paid, you must make sure that you're billing for services that are considered "telehealth covered."

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has a list of covered telehealth services on their website. This list is updated periodically, so it's important to check it often to make sure that the services you're billing for are still covered.

3. Update Your Practice Management System

If you're using an outdated practice management system, it may not be set up to correctly bill for telehealth services. This can lead to denials or delays in payment.

To avoid this problem, make sure that your practice management system is updated and able to correctly bill for telehealth services. You should also check with your software vendor to see if they have any updates or patches that need to be installed.

Enhance Your Billing Solutions Today

By following these tips, you can avoid common telehealth denials and ensure that you get paid for the services you provide. If you need help improving your practice's workflow and billing processes, contact us today to schedule a meeting with our team.


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